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F. Dick Butcher Knife Extra Large Blade Cleaver 11 inch 2lbs. 8oz.

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Friedr Dick Butcher Knife Extra Large Blade Cleaver 11 inch Stainless Steel Blade, 2lbs. 8oz.

It is a large size and heavy butcher cleaver, and it is thick enough to cut bones and frozen foods.

It has high-quality stainless steel. F. Dick Company History: 1778 Johann Friedrich Dick founded a file manufacturing workshop in Esslingen.

1873 Paul Friedrich Dick took over the company. Start of sharpening steel production.

1878 Construction of a small factory in Esslingen, 20 employees, first file production machine.

1889 Move to the new plant in Esslingen, Kollwitz-/Fleischmannstrasse, 100 employees. Production of complete file programme from the smallest watchmakers file to the largest square file (over 45 cm in length), start of the manufacture of additional special tools, butcher knives and cleavers.

Blade Length; 11 inch (280mm) The width of the blade: heel side; 3 5/8inch (92mm) Handle Length; 6 7/8 inch (175mm) Total Length; 16 3/4inch (425mm) Knife weight is 2lb. 8oz. (1132g) The heel part of the spine width is 5mm (3/16 inch) wide. BLADE; mono stainless steel